FRP represents Fibre Reinforced Plastic. Bravo is the master in manufacturing FRP cable trays. Our range of FRP cable trays is filled with qualities that cable trays are supposed to fulfill the purpose that they are created for.

We are a renowned name among India’s top FRP cable trays manufacturers. The purpose of FRP Cable Trays is to support systems for interconnected transmission cables and wires. A cable tray system accommodates and protects both electrical and data cables, making it easier to expand, reconfigure, upgrade, or relocate networks.

Installation of Bravo FRP Cable Trays is generally preferred by residential buildings, office buildings, supermarkets, and hotels since these places require to be kept fire-proof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof.

Merits :

  • Cost saving.
  • Convenient, dependable and safer.

Demerits :

  • Needs routine check-up.
  • Combustible dust and clutter may accumulate quite often.